Live Station Farm is an organic, specialty producer in SW Michigan with the goal of growing the best tasting, most nutrient-dense food possible. We apply permaculture techniques and practice bio-diversity, working with native fauna, fenn prairie restoration and bees for pollination.  

You can find us at several farmers markets in Chicago, at our online store or check out our wood fired food truck and mobile market, Hearth & Market!   Our Italian heritage influenced our recipes to highlight the simple and powerful tastes naturally in farm food.  From our wood fired pizza, desserts and bread, to seasonal salads and soups, you'll taste the richness of the seasons. 

All the ingredients in our pizza come from our organic farm, or are sourced from other quality farms in the region, and are inspired by the Italian farm style of seasonal, simple and quality ingredients combined to the most harmonious tastes.  

This pursuit of the good life is what we want to share with you!  We sell the products we make at our farm, everything from fresh organic produce to shelf stable products, to kitchen tools and accessories.  Good taste and nutrient dense foods are our main concerns. Our 'Seed To Savor' mentality is all about helping you at every step in the healthy food process from organic seeds and seedlings, to chef curated meal boxes, wood fired food truck offerings and even composting education to achieve the best soil quality.


We offer supplies, education and workshops to help teach you how to 'do it yourself', and share important issues of our time such as bringing more young people to farming and the importance of responsible land practices.

Our goal is to educate people about current food issues to create a dialogue towards better health and happiness, as well as make it easy to access the best organic food possible!  There's so many amazing possibilities for the quality of our food  in the future and we look forward to the exploration and problem solving we'll do with you, our customers!

Steve & Wendy, Live Station Farm