We’ll be opening for the season soon at our new location in the Benton Harbor Arts District! We’ll be starting with a simple menu featuring our Roman style wood fired pizza for pick up and limited outdoor seating.

Starting June 21st open hours will be:
11-8 pm

Join us for the the upcoming ‘Summer Solstice Art Hop’ Friday, June 21 from 6-9 pm in the Benton Harbor MI Arts District for the season launch of EMMA, Hearth & Market, featuring Roman style wood fired pizza made with ingredients from our Michigan organic farm and other locally sourced makers, as well as an art piece by Erik L. Peterson and live music from Christopher Blue.

‘Seep, Benton Harbor’ by artist Erik L. Peterson, is a 13 foot wide neon sculpture that hangs in the entrance to the Hearth & Market’s new space, EMMA. Dripping slowly down the cinderblock wall, Seep counters the darkness of the former garage with dazzling pink glow, playing with viewers’ perceptions. The shape of the work – an oozing curtain for the urban stage – was developed through a meticulous editing process combining and reordering the shapes of real spills and seepages. In Benton Harbor, founded by the meeting of twin rivers meet at the lake both the liquid and the land transgress their boundaries. The sculpture is simultaneously molten and solid, light and form, a living body and a ghost.



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