Well, we're a month into our wood fired pizza food truck Summer adventure! It's been an amazing and exhausting endeavor so far...I didn't realize I could even be this tired and keep going. With the management of the farm, continued build out of the food truck and food production for the pizza, Steve Zieverink is just as exhausted...I will say it's worth it to bring people exceptional, organic, tasty and nurtirent rich food - they can definately tell the difference and we've heard often it's like being in Italy! We wish our family was closer to be a part of it all, but are thankful for our friends who have been helping in so many ways - big thanks in particular to Kerstin Strom!!! 

I just keep telling myself - hey I'm not stuck in an office and hopeully we can build a business that's sustainable to be able to farm and live in a rural area where jobs are scare! Thanks to all our friends out there for coming out to support us and you all too for following our progress here...we'll be in Cincinnati to share our food on Monday and of course the usual weekend schedule of MI breweries and Chicago farmers markets so check it out!