Pizza hits the road: Got oven, will travel, as pies go mobile
By Louisa Chu, Contact Reporter
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Pizza on wheels? That used to mean only takeout or delivery in Chicago. But now we have mobile pizza ovens: Neapolitan inspired, burning real wood and getting up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, built on open cargo trailers, and hauled by trucks or SUVs. The following five are what I believe are the top pizzas on wheels in Chicagoland, and some of the most extraordinary neo-Neapolitan pizzas anywhere, well worth tracking down. While you can, that is. Please note while all have regular schedules through September or so, they are subject to weather, ingredient availability and other acts of the pizza gods.

Hearth & Market

Signature pizza: Porcini, sometimes shiitake based on availability, with green Galapagos Island tomato and onion sauce, caramelized shallots, pecorino cheese, balsamic vinegar, truffle oil and porcini reduction, topped with green grape-like tomatoes roasted whole.

Husband-and-wife team Steve Zieverink and Wendy Uhlman cook stunning still-life pizza in a sleek stainless steel-clad oven on a tricked-out trailer they designed themselves — plus they farm, forage and make many ingredients too. The artist and designer, respectively, say their most popular pie is the porcini. If you hate truffle oil as I do, please note theirs is a real truffle-based oil imported from Italy and so carefully drizzled that it doesn't overwhelm.

Find it: Saturdays at the 61st Farmers Market in Woodlawn, or at Cultivate Brewing in Berrien Springs and North Pier Brewing in Benton Harbor, Mich. Schedule on website,