We're very excited to have Hearth & Market be on the Chicago Tribune best food of the year list! We are among some amazing restaurants and food establishments so this is quite an honor…Also very inspiring as we plan what's next for 2017!!

Mushroom pizza at Hearth & Market
Louisa Chu / Chicago Tribune

Husband and wife Steve Zieverink and Wendy Uhlman farmed and foraged the ingredients for their porcini and shiitake pizza, baked neo-Neapolitan-style in their wood-fired mobile pizza oven that tours summer farmers markets. The pie came smothered in tiny green Galapagos Island tomatoes and Italian truffle oil. Start counting the days until winter is over. www.hearthmarket.com. — Louisa Chu



You can also listen to Louisa Chu discuss her list and Hearth & Market on WGN: